Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Show 'respect' for our trees ....

Early last month, some authority decided to whack all the trees along Persiaran Kewajiban (passing thru USJ and Subang Jaya). It's amazing over 1 night, all the trees were cut off, left with the bald tree trunks. We, the taxpayers, the residents, the people who enjoy the green views & shades, just couldn't comprehend why such action was carried out ???? I read a few angry comments reported in The Star, have yet to read the reply from the authority. Tonight, when I passed by at 11pm. Geeeee, another group of workers putting up the road block signs, and working on their 'cut' jobs AGAIN on another area.....GOSH, why ? Personally, I don't buy in to the general excuses:- termite problems, leaves falling down & need street cleaning, dangerous trees, even if so, just cut those affected trees, not ALL of them. Somehow, I buy in to the common reason people have been spreading - someone wants to claim OT, extra income, so working hard at night. First of all, why bother to implement plant landscape, left huge space besides the road - as walk path and plant trees. why not just tar it ? why spend money to buy or in some area, imported overseas trees, planted them, watered them for years, then one fine day, feel like changing the look - transformed into 'bodak look' ....The whole nice cool view is gone forever, it's just too rediculas. Just like the case on Shah Alam Bukit Cahaya's agricultural park - part of the gazetted park was whacked, what a silly joke this can happened. Now the recent one is the Kuala Selangor Fire Flies river ...aiii - I have another sad story to share on our heritage thingy - from a good local tour guide (she's as good as Habibi, she's knowledgable, and dare to challenge her visitors - just like Habibi) - shall blog that later.

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