Monday, November 21, 2011

antique golf umbrellas ...

I cleaned up my house, and ter-saw my super huge golf umbrellas....over the years - I collected these umbrellas , since they are huge, I never used them and they are my antiques :) , one dated back to 1999 ... one 2006, one 2010. Continue to simpan and be antiques la.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New work place

Bahija left in-kei June 2008, left the so called IT intelligent city...Since then bahija has been enjoying the breeze of working in KL, super close to house, no jam, no the saying 'good things don't last forever'. Today bahija is back to the old place, new building and currently it is the tallest building in this area, I think... Be here for min 3 years :) there are a lot of nice parks around here, hope I make use of the facilities ....

Monday, November 14, 2011

high expenses

lately Bahija not happy with the mthly expenses .... the major culprit is the sweetie car la. Aiii , last time the previous sweety changed absorbers pun in hundreds. Now - I got a SHOCK in office when the service man called and told me it will cost me RM5000+ to change my absorbers. I stunt, all this years, in my mind - I only pay that amount to fix a car in an accident lor, never in maintenance punya lor ..... aii, I opted cheaper version, didn't do it at the original dealer service center, went to Ah Kow car repair center to get it done for RM 3000 ...still mahal for me ..... today, my right headlight light bulb rosak, went to check price - aiyuh , RM 95 to tukar light bulb ...again, I chicken out , will go see Ah Kow again, hopefully the cost is < RM 50 la, I just paid insurance and road tax today - total RM 1400 .... aiiii , thesesday very dahsyat, asyik aje pay 4-digits expenses ....

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

vss ???

Tonight so happening... 2 person came to me separately , asked me if they should volunteer and sign up for VSS ( volunteering separation scheme ). My advice is if the person is 'fed up' and not happy at where he/she is right now, and not many family commitment , and still able to get job elsewhere, WHY NOT ? take it , after all, a durian runtuh lump sum payout money - doesn't come often. Plus , CHANGE could be good for us , sometimes .....I know my 2 friends wanted the package very much now, I wish you all the best, when dapat - can belanja big makan deee :)

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Bahija started a new contract on Nov 1, 2011 .....'ong' date yea :) .... another 3 years to go for the same customer. Previous 3 years, I believed my team did well, we managed to improve quite a lot of things, that is why customer 'stepped out' and 'fight' for us from our giant competitor I-kei. Indeed , how cool could that be, we must have done well. Moving on, we have a lot of new exciting stuffs, I have to keep learning, keep cracking my heads for new skills, new training, new initiatives ... SYABAS !

Recalled back , first contract ended june 30. July - 1 month off - lepak to the max. Aug - went to USA/Canada. Sept/Oct - 2 mths temporary work contract. Nov onwards - back to employment. Bahija just Thank God for the provision and the great timing :)

As I always shared my proud career path : 6 yrs with I-kei , 6 yrs with In-kei, and now going to be 6 yrs with IR-kei , all 3 companies started with 'I' ..... I love them all !