Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Bahija started a new contract on Nov 1, 2011 .....'ong' date yea :) .... another 3 years to go for the same customer. Previous 3 years, I believed my team did well, we managed to improve quite a lot of things, that is why customer 'stepped out' and 'fight' for us from our giant competitor I-kei. Indeed , how cool could that be, we must have done well. Moving on, we have a lot of new exciting stuffs, I have to keep learning, keep cracking my heads for new skills, new training, new initiatives ... SYABAS !

Recalled back , first contract ended june 30. July - 1 month off - lepak to the max. Aug - went to USA/Canada. Sept/Oct - 2 mths temporary work contract. Nov onwards - back to employment. Bahija just Thank God for the provision and the great timing :)

As I always shared my proud career path : 6 yrs with I-kei , 6 yrs with In-kei, and now going to be 6 yrs with IR-kei , all 3 companies started with 'I' ..... I love them all !

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