Monday, November 14, 2011

high expenses

lately Bahija not happy with the mthly expenses .... the major culprit is the sweetie car la. Aiii , last time the previous sweety changed absorbers pun in hundreds. Now - I got a SHOCK in office when the service man called and told me it will cost me RM5000+ to change my absorbers. I stunt, all this years, in my mind - I only pay that amount to fix a car in an accident lor, never in maintenance punya lor ..... aii, I opted cheaper version, didn't do it at the original dealer service center, went to Ah Kow car repair center to get it done for RM 3000 ...still mahal for me ..... today, my right headlight light bulb rosak, went to check price - aiyuh , RM 95 to tukar light bulb ...again, I chicken out , will go see Ah Kow again, hopefully the cost is < RM 50 la, I just paid insurance and road tax today - total RM 1400 .... aiiii , thesesday very dahsyat, asyik aje pay 4-digits expenses ....

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Ringgit said...

Scary, there goes my dream of a new car. I can't imagine paying 4 figure for maintenance.

How come your CRV needs to change absorber? My 13 year old wira does not need to change also!