Sunday, January 23, 2011

kind offer ....

Every sunday morning, Bahija brings teddy bear to church, to attend the special children ministry aka special kids training. I am a co-teacher as well as a helper, and teddy bear is one of the student. This morning, as usual, we arrived at church around 8:45 am, I parked my car at the handicapped spot, then brought down the wheel-chair, then settled teddy bear. While doing this, a kind hearted gentleman purposely walked to me, and asked 'Do you need any help ?' ...he knew I was parking at a handicapped area with wheel chair, thus he came to offer his help....BUT BUT BUT this dumb Bahija , I was fast to reply 'no need, it's ok, thank you very much ....'. While I was walking to the class, I started to analyze...I think I should have accepted his kind offer, and let him help wheeled my teddy bear, since he was kind to ask ma ....but I didn't give face and quickly turned down his offer. See, situation like this, I should have enjoy the kind offer, macam la delegate the work a bit ...aiii - I told myself - in future, if I ever get an offer from a trustworthy person, I will be more than happy to say 'Yes, please ....' :)


Lily Riani said...

i think sometimes we lead in so many areas we tend to be too independent.

Anti-Ringgit said...

well what comes to yr mind when you see a stranger ..sometimes it can be fear or lack of confidence. so doing things ourselves, means we r capable and also may not exposed to danger.

anyway, in my opinion even if you don't need his help, you have a choice to say 'Thank you for your kindness, but I am alright'.

First, you acknowledge his help. Second, he may feel good and will repeat this action in the future!