Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kind Offer - part 2

Last sunday , talked about the kind offer....this sunday morning, it happened again, so as promised...this morning, when another kind gentleman asked to help , I almost wanted to say 'No' , BUT managed to stop on time ....I kindly said 'yes , please'. So the kind gentleman learnt to wheeled my fatso to the class, looked like his first time pushing a wheel chair, I was glad that he helped and he learned about one of the way to use wheelchair :) , it's not a bad experience after all. I am so used to doing most of the things by myself, the good term is called 'independent' , the bad term is called 'san fu'....I'm going to learn to let go more and let others help as and when I can la ....enjoy their company, PTL !


Lily Riani said...

good for you...

i malay its called

yang ringan sama di jinjing
yang berat sama dipikul

Anti-Ringgit said...

if he is lheng chai and available, why don't you ask his number??