Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fun time babysitting ....

Today , for the first time Bahija gets to spend quality time with 2 lovely kiddoes - Andrew ( 7 yrs old) and Adel ( 4 yrs old) .... their grandfather admitted to hospital - kidney failure and a few other problems ... daddy and mummy stressed and tired taking care of things. Thus - Bahija offer a simple help - these kids truly blessed my Sunday, they amazed me with things they do :) Bahija pandai ambil hati kanak-kanak, bought them playsets, chips, ice cream, vitagen, brought them to 3 playgrounds .... until both of them so reluctant to go home - heee, Adel was crying at home and refused to go to bed...opsss. At 4 yrs old, Adel is such a strong minded girl, once she made up her mind, she doesn't change her mind. I gave them cups of water, and container to eat their chips - surprisingly , when they finished, Adel automatically took the empty cups and container, walked to my kitchen and put those dirty items in my sink, she also helped me bring my rubbish bag to the main rubbish bin outside my house ( without me asking, i was thinking to ask Andrew ). Her good behaviour truly melted my heart - okie - i shall reward her with barbie doll dresses liow ......oh, her manglish also super duper cute

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