Friday, January 26, 2007

happy ......

Bahija had a super duper busy business trip. Got so tired until I slept 16 hours out of the 18 hrs flight, amazing. Enjoyed the whole trip, the business meetings, the fun sightseeings, meeting the people, meeting friends, the chit chats, the food etc etc. Awesome. On my personal agenda, the most important thing was able to visit my favourite church, enjoyed every moment, it's my birthday gift from Father. HeeHee. Right now back home, again, pick up the usual busy life - there are just so many things to do eh, I don't have time to complete so many tasks ...hee, however, I'm indulging myself with some lovely songs, they helped calm me down ... i love this CD - one of my fav christmas present - Thanks to 'you' for sending this wonderful companion over :)

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