Monday, January 01, 2007

Jan 1, 2007

Howdeeeee, it's new year, it's Jan 1 ..... I tipu :) told everyone not going for countdown. Hahaha. padahal baru reached home. Had a great sumptuos dinner at Dragon-I restaurant, I like the 'siew long pow' and the honey fried eel. Most important, I enjoyed the small company ( Sanguine, Ms IM, Yuriko and Silverman ). We started dinner at 7:30, finished at 10:30. Then, walked past Baskin Robbin, suddenly had the urge to sample some icy cold ice cream, walked in to the super crowded store , luck was with us ....there was long queue, queue number was at 541. When I asked people where to get the number, a pakcik turned around and gave us a number - it was 538 , wow - haha. Within a few mins, we got to place our orders :) Bahija wasn't suppose to stay back for countdown, but since the night started out well, been having fun learning so much from the conversations, I decided to join the crowd, and drove back to Yuriko's nice home. Reached her house at 11:55, just in time for countdown and fireworks. Tonight I met 2 gentlemen who shared their overseas experiences or observation, it's fun listening to their talks, allowing me to hear things from another perspective. i got to zzzz, got to attend sunrise service at 6:30 am sooooonnnnn... cioa ....

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JW said...

errmm..I know I'm Miss IM...but who/what is Yuriko? :O

YL is Yuriko....but...a Yuriko? eh?