Sunday, December 31, 2006

my 2006 ...


  • Gave a big blessing - which was a sacrifice to my bank account, however, giving with the right mind - is truly different :)
  • Bahija was 1 year old
  • Mum did her right eye cataract procedure, Bahija's boss is very supportive, he allowed me to work from home 7 days to take care of mum
  • received a very special blessing :)


  • Celebrated CNY quietly and peacefully in KL
  • was a house-maid - cooked, cleaned - did everything that mum was doing ( she's on MC ) - tiring job


  • Went up north - my whole department was here for meeting, met folks from Costa Rica & US
  • Received my focal at a hotel conference room - the experience was scary - the room was way too huge, and toooooo cold , too quiet - luckily not a bad review , didn't get into the IR thingy ......ouuiii


  • Celebrated my 10th yr anniversary :) - rewarded myself with Cambodia trip
  • Received key and busy getting the rest of the things done


  • Dad's 10th yr anniversary
  • Attended Monica's wedding - my dinner table was no 8, very close to her VIP table and in front of the i-kei's CEO and senior managers - that shows that she treasure her friendship :)
  • Watched Grease musical at KL Convention Center


  • Learned and made dumpling ( 'bak-chang') - my hands very sakit
  • Mini vacation at Datai Langkawi
  • First time diving - intro fun dive
  • 06-06-06 , 6 am - knocked my sweety car at the carpark poles ( at that time - the whole carpark was empty - too many choices screw up my eye-sight and judgement )
  • Vacation with mummy - visited Hong Kong, China Yunnan Province ( Kunming, Dali, LiJiang, Shangri-La ) , hiked to the highest Snow mountain peak with mum - she's really amazing


  • Completed patching up my house with all the little things , a project dragged for 3 yrs
  • In-kei - redeploymnet news started , sad to say 'good bye'


  • Emily & Benji home for 2 weeks - we had good quality family time together
  • Family vacation in Bangkok
  • Mum did her second eye cataract surgery - Bahija again turned into housemaid.


  • Irrational purchase - extremely expensive, burned a big hole in my pocket - bought a dopod pda phone :(
  • Accident - a big truck hit my sweety - shocking experience, but glad that 'we' were ok


  • At work - redeployment news again ....
  • Family vacation at Frasier Hill
  • A work request which was pending for > 1 yr, finally saw some lights , approval granted to purchase additional SAN spaces for database backup
  • Mum vacationed in India Golden Triangle - again, Bahija had the privilege to work from home babysitting Teddy Bear


  • Bid farewell to friends and colleagues who received separation packages
  • My niece Jennifer got all As in her UPSR
  • Makan Toni Roma's , spent a very special night helping Ringgit to source for diamond ring
  • Tinted my sweety car - I loved it so much
  • Busy with children church - helped to transition the 12 yrs old kids to Youth cells
  • Teddy Bear admitted to hospital for 3 days - horrible experience to sleep overnight at the hospital


  • Participated in Vacation Bible School - helped to take care 6 - 9 years old kiddos. Cannot tahan the 'noise pollution'
  • Hosted boss during his PG and KL trip. Attended Fish's wedding
  • Visited KM plant ( 1st time) - Bahija like the surrounding green environment, the buildings are nicer and neat
  • Vacation at Hanoi, Vietnam - 'forced' mum to experience her first kayaking - Bahija sakit tangan kayaking her :) - she only sat and enjoyed the view and breeze , while I worked extremely hard to kayak
  • Celebrated my special day - Bahija is so joyful and blessed for all the wishes and gifts and kind thoughts - from all around the regions
  • Christmas - this year was different than other years - Christmas to me is more meaningful - with 'isi'
  • Dec 28 - my eldest niece Josephine got 8As in her PMR
  • Dec 31 morning - good message from Pastor - I was nodding my head from the beginning to the end --> 'The Secret of Blessed Life' - walk the path 'intentionally' :)
  • Dec 31 evening - going dinner with Sanguine and gang .... but I'll skip countdown this year - got to come back and prepare my personal mission statements :)

It's been a busy year for me, learning and growing my spiritual life, juggling between work & family commitment, plus taking slightly more vacations this year. It's wonderful to have a supportive manager - I'm just glad I'll end 2006 with a big SMILE. I'm very grateful for all the 'sweet and sour' moments .... may I be better next year

To my readers, Happy Blessed 2007 .....


Kancil said...

Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true.

rotitelur said...

Busy 2006, I am glad that you continue to grow spiritually. May God be with you always.