Thursday, May 10, 2007

5/5 - 6/5 team building

Last weekend, Bahija attended a team building at Cameron Highland. My last visit to CH was when I was at Form Five's been a while :) . I enjoyed this trip very much, we stayed in an isolated hostel in the middle of the huge tea plantation , nice green view , quiet , we had the whole complex by ourselves. It's a wonderful neat super cheap place , only RM 10 per head nia. Why I enjoyed this trip ? well, in the office - everyone busy, focused on their own jobs or tasks, we hardly have time to this offsite event, each of us just got to spend time and we got to know the personal side of the others .... well done to the organizer committee who did this donkey jobs - bravo !!

This is the view from the hostel ..... surrounded with tea !

Spent RM5 on these whole thing eh :) ...The crystal vase was a precious gift from my last manager in i-kei. It's a good quality heavy-duty crystal vase :)

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