Tuesday, May 15, 2007

fake guava-apple ....

During my teambuilding session at Cameron Highland ( CH) , we visited the market near hotel EQ ...Bahija and friends saw bags of big bright red or bright green color apples, the skin looks smooth too, all of them pre-packed in plastic bags ....we were very curious of this kind of fruits. One of the stall owner happily opened a bag and cut out some for us to test, it's RM9 per bag for 2 pieces ...the minute I tasted it , I quickly told my friends that it's not genuine, tasted like the fruits been soaked in sugar - it's artifical - tipu punya .... The owner somemore told us that a lot of foreigners came back and bought many bags from her ..... aiyuh, today Star newspaper , there is an article on ' fake guava-apple ' - BINGO - that's the one - take a read la ... it's really true lor - tourists or visitors will think that CH produces this special hybrids , padahal - kena tipu nia ..

Last weekend, went to Chinatown, I also saw these fruits there - so beware friends, JANGAN MAKAN , JANGAN BELI ... however, no harm do a sample testing - see if you can differentiate the artificial taste tak ?

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