Sunday, May 13, 2007

a wonderful person....

Sometimes people asked Bahija 'what's your favourite food ?' - hmmm, Bahija sometimes pun tak tahu , sometimes also need to think hard , think high , think low to come out with an answer .... last thursday - someone came to my house - this person brought along a few dishes...when I reached home and open the containers - WOW - amazing lor - all the 4 dishes were my favourite food. At that moment, I felt so great, so blessed , and also guilty for what I've done ....there is this someone who knows me so well , and so caring to me - she's none other than my dearest mummy lor - Bahija really need to control her tongue and should appreciate her :) thanks , mummy - for all the yummy food , most important - for all the loves .....Happy Mother's Day

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