Saturday, August 04, 2007

durian feast ...

Bahija had a great evening dinner with some friends .....some of them reminded me of the I-Kei's durian feast ... I-Kei usually organized durian feast once or twice a year , came in lorry load ....we just makan-makan all the durians , as many as we could lor - very syok , i missed those fun times a lot a lot now :) I have brought with me so many wonderful sweet memories from I-Kei ...the I-kei club dinners, the annual dinners, family days , Club Med's team buildings, treasure hunts, offsite fun events , makan-makan, y2k standby oncall at office , cold storage support at data center , overnight at customer places and afraid of bad spirit ... I felt so blessed that some of my good buddies are still with I-Kei and they keep recalling those fun moments back to my brain :)

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