Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dec 25

I could be on my last business trip from In-Kei .... this trip has been an awesome one for me, as many surprises came along .... from an un-reluctant to fly out of KL symptom , to now - I just have to Thank God , for all the wonderful arrangement and blessings :) ... as this trip turned out to be one of the best and memorable one ... I spent solid wonderful bonding time with Benji @ LA- he's so cool, we are like buddy, chit chat non-stop, he brought me so many laughs , I'm so pleased to know him better ....Dockers' Pant reminded that during festival season, everyone hopes to spend time with family and friends, and I am just so blessed to be able to spend christmas with Emily and Benji ... nothing fancy , we just be together for 3 days :) ...on the cold quiet christmas day - we suddenly had a creative idea, within 30 mins, we prepared yummy dinner, setup nice table and had a wonderful meal together - all we treasure is having each other :) ....

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