Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Firm

my company In-kei sponsoring this local version of 'The Apprentice' - it's call 'The Firm' , every sunday 9 pm @ ntv7 ... check it out , u get to see the in-kei latest 'multiply' C2D commercials .... It's interesting to compare the US and the local version. Local version - at the first 'fire' session, 3 out of 4 team members already cried, and when they had to nominate who to be fired , they didn't maintain eye-contacts - so pai sek to give the name , and said 'sorry here, sorry there' .....whereas the US version - most of the players were strong, muka tebal, argued and fight till the end. Difference in culture eh .... Tonight 's episode, I strongly think that Anrie was a good creative team leader, she's good. It's nice of her to take the blame and volunteered to be fired...yet , I also agree with the GM comment - she should have admitted her lack of experience, learned the lessons, and continue the battle to prove her ability. As a team leader, I think she knows well who is the weaker player or non performer lor ( the audiences can tell easily). In this corporate game, she shouldn't gave up so easily, at least not this round - I am sad to see her gone, wasted ...remember - check this show next sunday yea

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