Sunday, May 27, 2012

brother water baptism ....
Today marked another great milestone for my family. It's the water baptism day for my brother. Mum was happy and glad that he was given this opportunity.  Praise the Lord.
He had the special treatment, his confession statement was in Hokkien, pastor had to call many folks, finally manage to get brother Tio, who speaks good hokkien to perform the ceremony. 

Moving forward, I hope God remembers him, remembers that he is His son who suffers seizures everyday, all we ask is protection on him, when he falls, let him landed safely, when he has seizure attacks, let him be in good place and not harmful to him....

Brother was the first special 'child' who baptised in my church. He set a good testimony. Now , I received another request from another family, I will follow up with the special child and hopefully this Dec, we have another good celebration.... Happy Birthday Brother Teddy Bear !

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