Tuesday, August 25, 2009

technopreneur grant

last mth, my partner and I worked on a business proposal, we are trying our luck to apply for a RM150k government grant, from MDEC. Submitted the proposal July. Last Tuesday Aug 18, we were called for presentation, I was away on vacation, thus my partner went alone. Aug 24 was suppose to be the decision date , the date to notify us if we get it or not , I've been checking emails whole day - yet no news ....perhaps the judges are still reviewing , perhaps the good news will come soon , hmmm , of coz I still wish for a positive reply from MDEC , if that happened, it is another path for me , to explore being a technopreneur - though I'm really not a techgy person. Life is always busy for me , I wonder when will I settle down, focus on my dreams .... or when will I ever start planning to work on my dreams , indeed it is one of my weakness , for not being strategic , being a good planner .....hey , still - I'm happy with my life wor :) - that's most important for me lor ...

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