Thursday, June 23, 2005

Scary - no privacy !!!

Bahija kenal a few new folks who are good in computer security. You know, I memang dun pay much attention on this particular topic. My Ex was super alert on this area since his family background were in those secret agent thingy ...... Anyway, one of the guy came to me, told me he found out my IC No and most of my personal particulars - he listed some to me - I was like mulut mata besar cannot tutup ....aiiii - when I heard that - what do you think I will do or what would be my reaction ???? Fear loh , so menakutkan hor.... geee, why would he want to korek my information ? nak tahu how old am I ? nak tahu where I stay ? nak tahu my phone number ? I think I better sewa a PO Box liow lah ..aiiiii. It's kind of good to know this , but I don't know what should I do ...... Anyway, tonight, I went to seach my name - my name is cute - all of them can be last name. Geeee , so many entries - found some Dr, Professor carrying sama name ...found my brother's name as well ..... so someone betul2 did some serious search or they have special tools to do so kuah. My readers, if you have any Best Known Practise ( BKM ) - share with me, how would you handle this internet security thingy ?

p/s : sebenarnya I think I have curious fan/s who are eager to read my blogs, so they are searching high low ....well, even though blog is public - Ringgit dah try to 'open my mind' for a few times - I still dun feel OK , comfortable inviting anyone to read mine ..... those reading by accident and enjoy reading - good. But those whom I personally ajak - are truely my circle of friends whom I want to share my bits and pieces with loh :) - it's an honor to you eh - hehe.

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ringgit said...

I store all my personal info and stuff in Lotus Notes. Lotus Notes' encryption is top notched. You are using M$ Outlook or store in M$ Word documents... Good luck lady...