Tuesday, June 07, 2005

surprise visitor

Rubber trees, someone knocked on my mum's place. Surprise ! She came with her husband and children. Unfortunately, since the crime rate is high, people just can't afford to be 'friendly'. My mum didn't call me to verify, and she never allowed / invited them to go into her house ....the whole conversation only took place outside of house, at the gate as the matter of fact. So, who was she ?? aiiii

Mrs Bernald Lim - she was my form two form teacher, also the Diciplinary teacher at one time. Wow ....I have never ever kept in touch with her since I graduated from highschool. It really took me by surprise that she could find her way and located where I stayed ....geeee- shocked loh. But , sad thing is she only left me a note said 'Bahija, best wishes to you, from Mrs Bernald Lim' ....THAT's ALL lah ....aiyuh yuh ...How I wish she could have written down her correspondence address or email or phone number .....it's like she went so far to locate me, why stop there .....errrr. She told my mum she migrated to Australia, and she's back for a short vacation. See, I am very curious that she rang the door bell, and I also want to say HELLO to her now ..... how ?

In Australia, is there a search engine on yellow pages - where I can locate her ? how to search where I only know her by Mrs Bernald Lim sahaja wor ....


anti-ringgit said...

if i were you .. go back to highschool ..ask for anyone who knows her!

rotitelur said...

I remember her. You must have impressed her so much at school. anti-ringgit is right, best is to go back to SMP to find out.