Monday, September 29, 2008


Sweety faithfully served me 12 years ... it's really hard to let her go, last weekend, I've been spending quality time with her, driving her around and kept thanking her , for her wonderful service. Both of us spent many wonderful time together, be it sad or happy moment ....some of you may think that I am crazy, somehow , she is 'alive' in my world. aiii, indeed I'm very sad to let her go ...... I didn't make it to 300,000 kilometers. Today, she finally changed owner, clocked in 297,854 kilometers for me... her new owner is in construction line , sweety will have to go to construction sites very often ....I wish her the best

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Anonymous said...

I totally understand how you feel, 12 years...both of you are very faithful to each other. I will miss her too....rotitelur