Friday, September 23, 2005

saman 50% discount

Besides mega sales, police also offer saman sales ... 50% discount until end of this month. My fellow readers, if you have not check , please do so - simple nia

Just SMS text 'Polis Saman XXX1234 Semua' where xxx1234 is your car plate. Then send this sms to DAPAT ( 32728). A report will be sent to you.

I have been a good girl, I paid all my samans. Yet, still have 1 outstanding dated 16/6/2000 - nasib baik $30 nia ( semalam I betul2 pulled out my old documents folder - tried to check if I've paid this saman tak )

Bad news I just checked online - 50% hanya applicable for fines > $40 and above , apa lah - anyway, we can pay online as well.


docker's pant said...

Haiii.... another terrible policy from the police again... This saman discount policy may look attractive in the 1st glance, but it will mold unhealthy culture and has many negetive effects. Example will be: It will discourage people to pay saman as soon as they receive it as 50% discount will be on the way somewhere down the road. For people who has paid, the 50% discount seems to act as a "punishment" for following the law. The police dept should understand that Reward and Punishment must be clear and seperated. However, in our country, as you know, the main "reward" the police is expecting is their undertable money.

Kancil said...

That day I was too free nothing to do go to check the website, i am so lucky. Kena one! :(