Wednesday, September 21, 2005

parallelism ...

Tonight my QT will be a longer one...there are a few not so good news happening on friends and their families. Mum's friends called - most of them now having various kinds of diseases - she gathered a lot of the old aged stories, I view it positively now - that she has to prepare herself more towards ageing process, live a simple life and enjoy evey moment she has...she came to her children, hinted she wants her overseas trips liow ( my mum pandai one). It is so obvious when one reaches 70 years old, the ageing process speed up a lot. My earlier blogs mentioned I was too afraid to face that, and wish for wisdom to channel fear into positive energy - guess it's working quite well now :) - I'm thankful.

Besok, Beckam is doing sinus procedure. My friend's dad is hospitalized. Another friend's dad went thru surgery 2 weeks ago ....A good reminder to all, is that, as we mature in life, as baby is growing up, as we busy building our career, setting our own family, our dear parents also growing old in parallel...end with 'treasure whoever is/are important to you' :)

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docker's pant said...

I know Beckam... hope he will recovery soon. We prayed for him last night during our prayer time too :-)