Sunday, October 08, 2006

synchronicity again ......

Bahija spent 3 hours in the gym with Sanguine ....good workout ! so tired now. The funny things were -

a) Was rushing to the gym, simply picked a T-Shirt, turned out to be the T-Shirt I bought from Egypt
b) Attended belly dancing class
c) It's the Ramadhan fasting time
d) One of the song played during the class kept mentiong 'habibi'

Hah, all these brought me back to my Egyptian night and the party I attended 2 yrs ago. We were dressed in the Egyptian costumes, enjoyed a tradition Egyptian dinner and danced all night ... didn't manage to watch a real sexy belly dance performance, as it was Ramadhan , the culture there was not to reveal the sexy skins :P ( so wasted ). But we were entertained with a covered belly dance ...hahaha ....Bahija went to the dance floor and tried once Habibi commented that I wasn't too bad leh. He was so 'hak hei' - in reality, it's not easy to do belly dancing lah, because Bahija danced so horrible today :(

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