Sunday, October 15, 2006

updates fr Janice ....

Hey hey hey .... to all my readers who know Janice - she's back online ( FINALLY) ... She has finished reading my blogs, already know things happening around me :) tested & proven, she knew i am pretending to like my pda phone, she read about TaiPoh 'wtc' with me. Brief info on her - she has gained her trust at her workplace, she's being appreciated by her students and the parents. Her sense of accomplishments - very high now...seem happy staying, eating, working, playing in TW. She's a bit nervous now as she's driving alone to a big city tomorrow, afraid of getting confused with the road signs and various exits. Hey, 1st time is always slightly challenging - the subsequent ones will be OK - enjoy the journey and the detours which come along the way. Stay tuned , finally she agrees to blog .... hoo hooo , Bahija welcomed Janice to my blog on March 22, 2005 - looking forward to reading her bits and pieces especially her new life in TW :)

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