Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Janice - 祝你 生日快乐 !!!!

Hmm hmmm, today my dear friend, Janice punya 'cow one'. well, 2 nice digits :). Wishing her the best, more sweet moment to come ....she's already in Taiwan !

It's a special day for me as well, coz today is the day she activated her gmail account. I've waited months to share with her my blog , finally, the invitation is extended on this special day :)

Janice, 3 things I wish you would add up in you basket TODAY - 1) activate MSN , 2) be a blogger , 3) Give me your first comment in my blog

Happy Birthday to YOU - rubber tree !!!

p/s - it's also my other Big Brother's Bday - Mr Soon To Be GM


JANICE said...

thanx !
One thing, why 'JANICE' ?
I did hav MSN id once but i just can't remeber the ID. Well, i wil do it tomorror coz the golden time tonite is to have dinner with my hubby to be !

Bahija said...

Hmmm, why Janice ? it's a sweet name, oppsss :P

rotitelur said...

I take the credit of the name Janice but I am not going to tell why? :p

Happy Belated Birthday to Janice.