Sunday, March 06, 2005

Habibi & Fasting

Today Pastor said Christian is not a religion, it is 'relationship with God'. When we talk about relationship ? what do we do ? For a relationship to blossom, one has to invest time and effort, get to know the other person, right ? so this is what we Christian do. It is called QT = Quiet Time. A lot of my fellow friends told me, since I'm new, Father Lord usually communicate more to me now, when I ask for faith, for request, Father Lord will answer to me :) hahahaha, not sure this is true or not, but I'm enjoying His company every night/day/moment.

I do my QT before I go to bed. Tonight, while I was doing QT, suddenly - Habibi came to my mind - just like that ...... so what about him ?

When I visited Egypt last year, it was the first week of Ramadhan. Habibi was fasting. Habibi was my Egyptian tour guide - he's my favourite, one who inspired me - if u follow my blogs, you'll notice I mentioned him a few times :). I like the way he pronounced 'break-fast', I tot he said breakfast as in 'sarapan', kuku for a few times trying to figure out. The cuaca then was SUPER HOT and DRY, hotter than the cuaca we're experiencing now. He was fasting, walking under the super hot sun, no drinks, and he had to keep talking, telling us the exciting fun ancient stories.....

He expressed his thankfulness for fasting. I don't know the exact sentence, but the sort of meaning is like this - "I'm glad that I'm fasting, and get to walk under the hot sun and sweat, rather than sitting relaxing in an air conditioned room...because by doing this, I get to know/realize the true meaning of Fasting - to Suffer, to taste Bitterness"...and that's the whole idea of fasting, to get to know how others' suffer ......then extend helps if can, or appreciate what we already have

So, during QT with Father, I think Habibi & his fasting story came to me, reminding me that 'tithe' carries its' hidden meaning as well, what's the point of simply giving, without feeling the pain & its' true meaning, in my case, I have A LOT of pains :). This few days, I've asked a lot of people to comment on opened my eyes & ears listening to others, I get to know where I stand, and how each and everyone interpret it differently, some was so obviuos that their 'selfishness' is projected upfront ...oh boy...some totally missed the meaning of Giving.....God has a more challenging job working on them leh :)

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