Sunday, March 06, 2005

Happy Anniversary !

Bahija started blogging on December 6, 2004 (Sunday). Today is Sunday again, and exactly 3 months lioa :). I wanted to gather some statistics on the number of posts I've created, but Blogger is currently having technical problem, and the User Stats feature is not available, aiyah yah....

Amazingly, I'm still active and stick with this little habit for 3 months lioa .... promoted myself, as my fellow friends were 'influenced' and started theirs, and that made me 'grand-ma' level, and my xi foo - Ringgit is datuk moyang liow..... It's kinda fun reading my old posts ( just 3 mths aje leh). This will be nostalgic for years to come ..... So, Happy 1Q Anniversary, may I find joy in pursuing this further HA HA !

Oh, I want to express this ...what motivates me ? 'Sharing' - the words, emails, msns, phone calls that you returned to me, make it 'shock' for me to share my life matters :)

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