Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Feeling downnnnnnnn

'Aiiiii' - the word I used often now. I'm getting the down feeling, can sense I'm goin into depression pretty soon - must STOP this ! ....There are many organization changes going on in my work group, it affects my managers, 'virus' to the direct reports and me as well ....

Kancil and myself are so demotivated is easy said than done - to stay positive, to be open for changes, to look out for opportunities. How come I have no desire, no passion within me to actively look out for opportunities ??? Worse to me, I lost the 'passion' and I'm feeling empty now. As I learn from sermon - happy doesn't last long, joy is .....geeee, let me 'see open' 看 开, grant me the wisdom not to self-pity, and walk thru this positively ....please.


Kancil said...

One of the BKM for motivation!!!

I am on vacation next week! Looking forward. hahahaha :D

I spent too much time in my works this week. This weekend I will belanja my "Long time Lover" for a buffet dinner. Heard that EverGreen Hotel Sunday buffet is yummy. International Buffet only RM39nett. Worth to pay lah!

点点滴滴 said...

Your feeling is normal, every org change will go into the transition cycle, the line goes by going down, make a turn and coming up. :)
Happy and Joy come from us (inner self) not from the job/external thingy

ringgit said...

I only have three wise words: "Cari makan ajeeeee". It's just a job. I posted something about work being a rubber ball. When it fall, it will bounce back. No worries, dude.