Monday, March 21, 2005

Ice Skating Era

Monday blues , as usual ...hyper-active weekend, then Monday tired. hehehe . Then came lunch, went out with my fun loving colleagues ( mixture of various department) a big group. Lunch is the time where we park aside 'work' related issues/problems, it is a time to laugh, to talk about anything everything , for us to gain our endorphine ( remember apa ni tak ? - endorphine is the Happy Hormone from our body).

Anyway, today lunch - we talked about secondary school time - the ice-skating era. The male colleagues all laughing their way, sebab those were the fun time where they got to mix with girls, held their hands, taught the girls how to skate etc etc , kek kek lah, pretended offered help, but at the same time, got to hold hands as well ..... I pula had my version of story to tell. I tried that no more than 3 times. I remembered, when the boy came and 'helped' me, he ended up laid flat on the floor as well, then their face not so 'clear' liow....geee, so the scene was like Titanic - 'I fall , you fall'. Then hor, eventually, the boys ran away, and tak nak 'help' me liow, aiiiiii

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