Monday, October 03, 2005

FFK ms dragon

Ms Dragon is getting marry soon, when she was proposed, she booked me as her bridemaid. In my opinion, I didn't recall she asked if I wanted to be her bridemaid, it was more like she informed and I just had to take it. I sat on this for months, last Thursday - I formally emailed her, politely asked her to find another alternative. Thesedays, Bahija dislike being called on stage to be bridemaid, MC of the nite or any limelight superstar me those are not fun at all, given a choice, leave me alone....counting my friendship with Ms Dragon, I dun mind helping her with some of her wedding preparations, but being a bridemaid is a NO NO. She even told me what dresses, gowns to prepare etc ....hearing those also I takut liow. I suppose she may not be happy reading my FFK email. Until today, still hasn't receive a reply from her, but then as usual, she doesn't care to reply my emails most of the times.... see, sometimes , i wonder - a simple little email also doesn't bother to reply, why should I 'force' myself doing things I dun like to do leh ..... sorry dudedess, say I selfish or whatever lah, but I do need to make sure Bahija is happy also ... next, i wonder if I ever get her invitation card then .... fellow kakies who know her, pls pls help add some sweet words for me if this topic is brought up yeah :) It's better to see a smiling Bahija than a grumpy Bahija lah :)


不精な猫 said...

you r doing the right thing, living in this reality, one must not forget to make him/herself comfortable on what he/she did or going to do... ;)

rotitelur said...

Please don't do, sit and chat with us is more fun.

anti-ringgit said...

u shd tell her u did this 3 times liaw 1 more time u will not able to marry liaw! good idea eh?