Monday, October 17, 2005

Tuesday with Morrie

hehehe, I'm happy ....friends have been asking me to pinjam books for them to read :) - this is good - sharing good books are fun - motivate each other to read, to learn, to enjoy !! Just between Sunday and today, friends around me kept mentioning this book 'Tuesday with Morrie'. On my hand, I have 'Joy Luck Club' and 'The opposite of Fate' , when I am done, I will read Tuesday with Morrie. Actually, I have seen the movie version - very touching story - i liked the movie , so I'm sure reading the book will be great. Besides this , another good book by Mitch Albom is 'The 5 people you meet in heaven' ...

Hey, I want to set up a Joy Luck Club among my good friends ? any taker ?

p/s : Dockers' pant - thank you so much for the book :)


mystic_grey said...

hey there..
glad you caught the reading bug :)
Well i prefer Tuesdays with Morrie. Just becoz i love how they talk about life... and jazz like that. I love how positive morrie is and his outlook on life. I would love to have a teacher of life like him :)

5 ppl you meet in heaven.. is ok too but.. abit deep... :P

ringgit said...

I was talking to Anne about this book yesterday... and you posted about this yesterday!