Tuesday, April 07, 2009

me and the 'I'

I had dinner with a friend, while we were together hanging out .... she received a call , being offered a job in Cyber. Hoo Hoo ...I'm sooo happy for her lah. I 'kek poh' , quickly smsed her introducer ...the introducer asked me , when is my turn pula ? ....hmmm, after giving a thought, is it possible ? Let me give you a summary ...my first job with I-kei , second job with In-Kei , currently I on my own , my customer is IRB ( Inland Revenue Board ) , thus also 'I' wor :) ...perhaps Bahija is just so attracted to 'I' company ..... Perhaps I should compile a list of company name starting with 'I'

1 comment:

Kancil said...

you are fated to "i"

I received your mail. Thanks.