Friday, December 11, 2009

Dec moving fast .....

I had a shock when I talked to a friend, she reminded me that I'll be out of country pretty soon ....suddenly I terperanjat , quickly look at the calender , wow - indeed - Dec is passing fast , still a few things to settle before the clock turn to 2010 .... tomorrow morning hope can wake up early and go for a hike ( need some exercise la - been so lazy ) , then go for my exam, at noon, after the exam , meet my fav kakies, then dinner, chat chat ...then head home prepare christmas shopping list , then prepare for sunday activities and plan for all the tasks for next week .... the week after next - Bahija is out of country deee - gosh , hehehe - now I panick - belum mentally preparing myself ..... viola , ttyl !!


TZ said...

wah so nice ... all the best to your exam... I will have mind on 2pm. :p

Where are you going the week after next?

Ringgit said...

You said we are fav kakies. Indeed we are but I don't feel it tonight. I think we Really need to meet up. Just us, ditch the families :p

I miss the old days of hanging out, relaxing in Starbucks and just chill and chit chat! Let's do it before Dec ends!!!