Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dec - my messy room

Let me show my readers my horrible messy room .....any single man who saw my room , will be scared and ran away cepat-cepat , haaaa..... my 1Q 2010 task is to clean up - move to master bedroom, unload all the packed boxes , make my life organized a bit :) .... coz right now , I DARE NOT find anything , coz I cannot find or don't know where ... messy messy messy !
in the picture , behind the computer table , is a bookshelf, in front of the multi-tier drawers is the clothes hanger thingy .....everything is multi-tier, multi-layer, back and front - horrible .....sleep also not nice as no fresh air , choking nia , heeee
Bahija - cepat clean up lor ...

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rotitelur said...

Let me introduce you a good friend of mine from Sweden.IKEA!!!