Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy Blessed New Year !!

Howdeeeeee, Bahija is back from Turkey :) , it's a wonderful trip, I am now little bit jetlag , plus missing Turkey a lot actually. An eye opening trip for me, as it is a 99% muslim country, yet I don't feel that I am in a muslim country. Everyone is friendly and modern looking , turkish folks very leng cai and leng lui, they are very liberal ..... how I wish my country is like them .....

will take some time to tidy up things, then share the photos ....
my mum and I did the hotair balloon - that was very fun :)

Arrived at KLIA on Dec 31 , 7 am. 2009 was a great year for me - accomplished few things , life was busy and fruitful. Hmmm, for 2010 - I will aim to be SEXY :)

S - Simplicity - live a simple life , need to focus more to enhance this skill
E - Exercise more for healthier lifestyle
X - Cross, mean spending more quiet time with God, continue to improve my knowledge
Y - Young - want to feel young, youthful and having young mindset - energetic

Happy Blessed New Year to all my readers , may we all have a healthier happier 2010....

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