Saturday, January 02, 2010

mask or no mask ??

My mum and I both brought along many mouth masks during our Turkey trip ....we were prepared to wear it throughout the whole traveling journey - only from airport to airport. But when we arrived at KLIA , no one wore the mask ....kind of weird if we both pakai , padahal the whole travel group - 31 of them not wearing leh .... so we waited till boarding time in the plane , same thing , I didn't see anyone wearing mask .... like that - ok la - save the hassle, we didn't wear the mask to /from Turkey :) .....

Guess people start to pay less attention on this H1N1 flu .... however - I think we still practise hygiene - wash hands before meals , wear mask if we are having flu , and avoid going out to the crowd if we are not feeling well

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