Monday, August 01, 2005

Aug is here ....finally

Bahija & family gang planned for a surprise birthday party for mom since last year ....1 yr + liow, finally it is here ...end of August, everyone is coming home to surprise her. We plan to bring her to a private function room for a normal makan, then all her overseas kids & grand-kids knock on the door , walk in to surprise her :) It's her 70th birthday , we just tot this is a great time for family reunion & family potrait. The last family photo was 8 years ago ...a year after daddy's tragedy. Speaking of this, last thursday Teddy Bear had a fit, and fainted again, this time, he fell and ter-hit my little mum, kelian her. She injured her leg....aiiii, here I am - malu to call her last weekend, shamed on me - that I didn't even know she hurt herself until monday night. My view on this - it's another sync to alert us that - we need to think of a solution or alternative - if we leave this as status quo, there could be another same tradegy , just like what had happened to daddy loh .... Personally, I have had 2 mths + of freedom here, no need to think of family commitment or running around for them, I'm thankful for this break, ready to be home liow to continue my duties, not forgetting being depress for a while :(


anti-ringgit said...

Eh Aksi Beksi! Whatever you are celebrating! Yay!

rotitelur said...

Happy Birthday to Kimmikuniya's mum !!!