Sunday, October 31, 2010

banks being 'bad'

Thesesay, I always received letters from bank , when I opened the envelopes, I'll be getting cheques with my name and IC no , and the amounts were $5000, $10000, yesterday was $32500, scary nya .... all I need to do is just cash in the cheques, then I'll have the huge amount of money, and owe the bank lots of money too ... Aiyuh , I dislike this technique.... I hate the banks pushing the cheques to me, rather I dislike banks sending things to me when I myself didn't ask or apply for it. That is not right. Doing this, a lot of consumers may not understand the consequenses of using the cheques, super high interests......these action could 'kill' a lot of consumers and got them into debts leh. Should I report to Bank Negara ?


Lily Riani said...


Anti-Ringgit said...

like i say in many of my comments .. bank is just a legal 'Ah Long'. They are pushing all the buttons with the name of 'temptations'! Knowing some human's weakness and desperation, they want to trap us and push you to the brink. In the end, it's your poor choice in life that led to your disastrous life. But, never their fault. Is this a fair game? The bank will say 'See you are the court'!