Friday, October 29, 2010


Bahija purposely bought share B, with the goal to attend the AGM, and to receive all the goodies....come year end, it's a tradition for me to enjoy starbie coffee...muahaha, this year, I have 2 vouchers liow. It's lots of hard work la -woke up 7:30am, left house at 8:30 am, reached the AGM place at 9:20 am, queued for registration at 9:30 am, collected freebies at 10am. Here's my vouchers , hehe... My first experience attending an AGM, hmm, wasn't that bad, I got to know how the companies are progressing in future, their plans as well as insider tips.... the sad part was that many old folks rushed, pushed at the registration queue, some of them fell, some very kat cheong , while walking up the stairs, they hurt themselves. aiiii - why la , it's just registration only, plus only getting some food vouchers, not getting gold or cash, even so - does it worth to sacrifice the safety of oneself ? I really no 'eye see' , aiiiiiiii.....on the brighter side, a lot of the elders are very market savy, they questioned the company portpolio, profits etc.... The chairman was kind enough to announce 'bonus' for all those who attended the AGM - a free 2D1N with breakfast package at all their hotels or resorts - WOW, now that made my days :) , I hope to receive the goody in mail soon ....Perhaps next year, I may consider attend again , hehe


Lily Riani said...

not at ch right? hehehe

Ringgit said...

I forgot to tell you.. you don't have to attend the AGM to get the Tioman voucher. They will send to you even if you don't attend the actual AGM at 10am. You still need to register at 8.30am though. So that means, don't need to stay for the meeting.

I didn't know about this until I asked my mother and she told me.

Anti-Ringgit said...

bahija .. r u in some kind of social welfare program?

Can I send you to TGV for free tickets which they offered sometimes for the special screening? Thank you in advance.