Monday, January 16, 2006

Jan 16

Today I'm 1 year old :)
Today is my eldest niece Josephine's 15th birthday
Today my mum did her cataract surgey
Today start my temporary housewife job taking care of mummy and teddy bear
Today I received a new set of furnitures



不精な猫 said...

Congratulations! :P

You scare me almost when you said "housewife" job like ??? i was like...when did you get married?? hahaha :P

Hope you mum doing well. Its almost CNY and its good to stay home :)

Better then me out in cold now experience the winter in california

dockers' pant said...

Congratulation on your 1st anniversary of "new born"!
Went to look back on the calendar of Jan 16, 2005, it was a SUNDAY!

CNY I come by your place to visit you, ok? Will you be at Rainbow or Rimau? I know who little meow is.