Saturday, January 14, 2006


My sister has this oven - still packed in a box for years, never been used. I took it out from the box, and started using it ...hehehe, i learn to like oven liow. It's so useful ..... thesedays, I bake salmon, cod fish, chicken, prawn using that small portable electric oven...very efficient. Marinate the fishes or meat, then set oven timer and bake them for 10 - 15 mins, 'multi-threading' can multi-tasks while baking food, watch TV, clean dishes, shower etc ...then DING, food cooked and dinner is served. I also started baking cakes and brownie - of course not expert yet, just using the ready made cake mix nia. Tonight, I baked chocholate walnut cookies - wow , as I'm blogging now, my whole house is full of Famous Amos's 'smell alike' punya aroma :) .....


rotitelur said...

I always hope I could have an oven for my house. I was so glad that my current place has an oven. It was spoiled when I moved in but I got it fixed now.

So far I only baked salmon and chicken, made pizza with my oven. I hope to do more with it.

Enjoy baking !!!

YaYa said...

I also bought 1 small oven on the black friday sales last year.

My intention to have the portable oven is to save the utility cost. But ends up I use it on daily basis amd I think it really cost up instead of cost down. I hardly use the big oven for coocking and all frozen food heat up with Microwave before we have the portable oven.