Thursday, January 19, 2006

first experience with rehab center

Jan 12 Wednesday night when I read about this article, my heart straight away signalled me to help donate food to this rehab center. Went for grocery shopping Saturday night. Sunday , I drove to the center, not wanting to be alone, I brought Teddy Bear along - he sat behind the driver seat. Bahija has done multiple donations to various homes, this was the first time to rehabilitation center.

When I arrived at the center, and when I saw those men walked towards me to collect the food, some of them have tattoos, some of them are very huge - geee - Bahija actually got scared. I know everyone deserve a second chance, yet my normal human mind injected 'fear', 'second viewpoint' about them in my mind .... I decided not to walk into the rehab center, not to leave my contact, plus was in a rush - everything happened so fast .. the guys kept saying 'thank you' and smiled at me....I just replied my usual smile and zoomed - got into my car and drove away from the center.

Now, when I relook at them, I'm indeed glad to see the co-ordinator who was a drug addict - is serving God, and giving helps wholeheartedly to those who wants second chance. Some of the residents are good looking, well built. I think Bahija will return to the center in future, may be next time I'll be more 'open' and more prepared to at least communicate with them :)

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