Wednesday, February 01, 2006

my old friends

Hmm, I'm glad that my far far away friends are keeping in touch with me via my blog. See, blogging is not a waste of time, coz no matter where my friends are, how busy they are/were .... they can read my blog anytime and catch up with me, know what is happening to so, my friends, please lah, start blogging lah - make it two-ways mah ....

Today, I met Janice. She balik kampung for CNY, arrived on CNY day 2 - since she started working in TW, we hardly talked to each other liow - her working hours is quite long, luckily she is making a change soon, good for her.

Today's gathering, Janice mentioned a few things about me, eg - my dream car - she saw my dream car in KL, now she knows which one is Nissan Murano. She knew I can baked cookies, buat tiramsu, the Uncle's story etc ...I just feel she's still close to me loh... but I could only find out little little things about her when we met or when we phoned each other (this we dun do often). I wish my far far away friends could start their blogs, so I could read about things happening around them.

BTW, we mentioned Rotitelur, HT, Yaya, Little Elmo a few times - u guys ada perasan mata pejam more frequently tak ?


Janice said...

thanx for arranging the gatherings ! Great to c everyone backhome and i really miss my family members n friends ! I actually burst into tears the first day when i m back in TW ! :(

HT said...

I am glad to know someone was thinking about me from home - KL