Saturday, November 28, 2009

The power of compliment !!

Bahija is a sole proprietor now , I worked for myself , I am my own boss - that mean I scold myself or my customer can scold me , other then that, no one else can scold me ...haha, that is the same as saying good things about me .... my customer only say 'thank you' to me, they didn't or haven't said 'good job' to me yet .... I have been on this current job for 17 months ... Oh boy , there is one thing I missed hearing : "excellent, good job , well done ' ...

Today , Bahija rushed for class....after class - sat for the oral exam ..... it's a very short less than 5 mins conversation with my instructor.... so I walked in , did the oral test.... my instructor with smiley face said 'Execellent' - over on my side, I was so happy to hear that, it's like in cloud nine lor .. for one simple word - it made my days :) ..... see la , no one said good words to me thesedays , until I sooooo deprive of it , hahahaha

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