Monday, November 23, 2009

preparing for oral exam ....

This Saturday is my first oral exam, 2 weeks from now is my first written exam liow....gosh, lacking brain juices :) .... got to work harder & play smarter to pass the exam. Started my class on Sept 28 .. so fast, first module finished, this sat is revision and oral exam....One good thing which keep me excited is that NOW , when I open the dictionary, I should know how to pronounce a word better , based on the phonetic alphabets :) , for example : ŋ ð ʃ ʒ

I am enjoying myself in this class, now I always receive various emails on job openings .....for those who is free and don't know how to 'waste' their time , come see me, I have plenty of things to recommend ..... besides charity work, now we have job which pays quite well .....and time well spent ...okie , gtg zzzzzzzz tata !!!

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