Monday, November 09, 2009


Just realized today's date is 09-11-09 - looks good en :) ..... I want to tell a secret - hehe. Years ago, I was invited to be maid of honor. I suppose that time my self-respect was low , or I didn't like my own fat body , or for some ridiculas reason la .... I wasn't prepared to be a bridemaid. I wasn't in peace with myself , so one fine day , I emailed my dear friend and rejected the offer. years have gone by , I've never asked her what she thought of me, never brought up this matter with my friend....but for me, I actually felt guilty, regreted for my 'selfish' decision back then.... that was not bridesmaid , it's maid of honor leh. On and off , I do feel bad for myself , perhaps one fine day, I need to openly seek forgiveness from her - face to face. aiiiii

Tonight , Sangueen Queen asked me to be her bridesmaid , this time I happily agreed ( though I may still struggle within myself - never know when the evil Bahaja will show up and screw things up ..) Right now , I am committed to just be there for her ....serve her, make her the most happiest , sweetest bride of the day


TZ said...

hehehe... so you are going to be the bridesmaid eh~
Enjoy eh~

Kiasu-Ching said...

brides maid tua .. yeee!