Friday, November 13, 2009

Starbie vourcher

It's the time again , gosh mad at myself ....story goes like this ... For many years , Ringgit blessed me with Starbuck's coffee voucher. It's actually his mother's vouchers, the aunties are very smart, they invested in Berjaya stocks, as shareholders who attended the AGM, they received many goodies eg KennyRoger's vouchers, Starbuck's vouchers.... This time last year, Ringgit , Mystic_Grey and myself had dinner at Hartamas. Ringgit used his Kenny Roger's vouchers, gave me Starbuck's voucher. For many years, Bahija got to enjoy the Christmas flavours FOC. I told myself I must invest in Berjaya stocks , so that I myself get the free vouchers ....aii, 2009 is going to end soon, today , I am NOT a shareholder , so no freebies :( , kek seeeeee..... hint hint hint hint - anyone giving me vouchers :P

Likewise, I invested in Genting and other counters....Genting sent me many vouchers, some free stay , free food , some discounted price :) , hmmm, perhaps I should target those consumer counters, so that I get dividens as well as vouchers which I can use for myself :)

Nov - Dec , Bahija likes to sip the Starbie christmas coffees la ....this day, I kena minum the decaf version , gosh - they taste sooo different , I shld say 'tasteless' lor , thus waste of money nia , so expensive yet tasteless and I'm not satisfy and happy leh ....aiii, so I need to go drink early in the morning. Oh, last year ZE gave me a starbie mug as 'green' birthday present, when I use the mug , I get $1 off .....good deal to jimat !


TZ said...

hey ... now whenever you use the Tumbler... you get RM2.00 off... no longer RM1.00 off... So, when r u free to go for Starbie's Xmas signature drink? :p

Kiasu-Ching said...

Decaff ke, Mocha ke, Green Tea Soy Latte Cham ke, tak kisah! I prefer my kopitiam - neat and cheap! Tak payah jadi glam pot!

Kancil said...

I like the Toffee Nut Latte.