Friday, June 02, 2006

Dumpling ....

Last week, I helped mum balut the dumplings ( in hokkien we call it 'chang' ). It is nice to learn from mum how to prepare this, a tradition. The picture was taken using my mobile phone (quality not too bad eh ) ... looking at the 'chang' - so hodoh, can tell siapa punya masterpieces :)

Kancil - u so far far away, miss this or not ? yummyyyyy .....


Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Anne so I use my good old Nokia to surf. I was surprised to see that Bloglines actually showed a picture of your dumplings!! So I decided to write a comment, from my mobile. Wonders of technology! Anyway, nice work on the chang. How come didn't give me one to taste?

Kancil said...

Of course I miss it. I am going to have it when I come back. I will have:

- 肉粽, 豆粽+红豆沙
- 黄姜饭+咖喱鸡
- 糯米鸡
- 荷叶饭

All the glutinous rice meal... :D