Tuesday, June 06, 2006


some said 666 is auspicious, some said it is the devil's date or sign ..... so what happened to me leh ? June 6, 2006 - was in office at 5:30 am, aiiii - it's my own fault la, careless - too many car parks to choose from, being greedy - drove around looking for the best carpark ( this is padam muka - call kiasu mentality ) .... when I finally decided one nice spot - could be still sleepy, tired - careless was the keyword - terlanggar the wall on my left pula , my sweety 'kemek' - so kek sim - so at 6-6-6 6 am - I was sitting at my office desk - feeling so kek sim , and mad at myself for the carelessness ........ I would want to treat this incident as a reminder to me, Bahija - drive carefully, be alert on the road - if body too tired, then plan well, plan ahead, adjust my schedule :)


Kancil said...

Poor thing... but luckily you are safe. Don't worry and think so much.

dockers' pant said...

Ai yo... I also 'kek sim" on behalf... coz I also always terlangar my sweety, esp when I switch between my sis' car (kelisa) and my sweety. I can even langar my own gate, can u imagine? Lu-lu-nya.